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Potting Soil

Ingredients for our potting soil mix that is suitable for indoor/outdoor plants :

  • earthworm castings
  • bat guano
  • aged forest products
  • perlite
  • sphagnum peat moss
  • oyster shell
  • dolomite lime

Potting Soil

  • approximately enough to plant three 4" plants or one to two 6" plants

  • potting soil Madison WI

    approximately enough to plant six 4" plants or two 6" plants

  • approximately enough to plant four 10" plants

  • enough to plant four to five 4" plants

Reindeer Moss

Decorate top of the soil, use in terrariums with air plants (tillandisa) or display on a low round dish planter with few smaller air plants in it.


pure white sand for decoration in terrariums with air plants or cacti garden.

houseplant fertilizer

Instant Plant Food™ (Package of 4 Tablets) contains a 1-year supply of nutrients for a large plant or several small ones. Self-dissolving HOUSEPLANT fertilizer tablets that make feeding your INDOOR PLANTS a breeze. Conveniently packaged, pre-portioned, and odorless. Specially crafted for all types of houseplants including tropicals, orchids, air plants, desert plants, potted plants, balcony or windowsill planters and self-watering containers. Use it on a new plant or to revitalize old ones. Each tablet of instant plant food will feed a large plant or several small ones. DROP tablet in a glass of water or watering can TABLET will bubble and dissolve WATER your plant(s) with the solution REPEAT 1 x every 3 months Sustainability: instant plant food contains all the essential nutrients your plant needs along with trace micronutrients required for a well-rounded, healthy plant diet. Our primary ingredients are derived from abundant, naturally occurring minerals and an eco-friendly live fermentation of waste feedstock and molasses. Guaranteed analysis NPK is 4-3-6. Made in the USA, Carbon Neutral, 1% for the Planet, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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