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fresh flowers


Minimalist Earthy design style with attention to details

Fresh Flowers, Floral Arrangements, Houseplants featured in unique planters

Delivery throughout Madison WI and Dane county.

fresh roses


moss art

Moss Walls

Do not require water and sunlight. All natural preserved botanicals.

Chemicals free and do not attract insects.



Planters, containers and pots for your houseplants. 

Add beautiful planters and pots to your space to create unique ambiance.


Houseplants + Planters Downtown Madison WI

Upscale florist and houseplant stores Downtown Madison WI


Red Square Flowers stands as Madison’s epitome of modern, minimalist, and earthy retail, offering high-quality fresh floral arrangements near you and lush houseplants. As the best florist in Madison, WI, we provide an array of services including wedding bouquets near you, tailored for any event and occasion. Nestled in the heart of downtown Madison, our stores offer a serene escape, bringing nature, tranquility, and peace indoors.

Discover single-stem bud vases or succulents to custom floral arrangements and lavish flower installations for events at our Madison plant store. We have been beautifying hotels, restaurants, offices, and more with custom-designed houseplants since 2012. Our plant stores in Madison showcase the largest varieties of premium houseplants and planters from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Looking for flower delivery in Madison? We provide convenient services for both indoor plant planters and outdoor planter needs, including self-watering options in various sizes. Our experts are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process, from conceptualization to installation, ensuring that whether you’re starting from a blank canvas or adding the finishing touch, your experience with us will be unmatched.


With Red Square Flowers, ordering wedding flowers online for delivery is a seamless process. Our retail team’s talent is evident in our weekly changing artistic plant and flower displays featuring the freshest palettes of the season. Step into our stores for the experience of vivid colors, textures, and floral aroma the minute you walk inside. 

Shop flowers now and immerse yourself in the beautiful experience synonymous with Red Square Flowers. Visit us at our two downtown locations, a couple of blocks from Capitol Square – our State Street location is across from the Overture for the Arts Centre, and the Mifflin Street location is across from the Capitol Centre Market. Breathe fresh life into your space with natural elements and energize your home with the best flowers delivery in Madison, WI.

 Why Choose Red Square Flowers

We are not just a florist in Madison, WI. We are your personal artists, curating nature into stunning displays. Our dedication to providing high-quality floral arrangements near you has made us a beloved part of the community. Whether you are in the market for wedding bouquets or seeking a dependable Madison flower delivery service, we cater to your every need with elegance and care.

As the best florist in Madison, WI, we understand that flowers and plants are more than just decorations; they are expressions of emotions and style. That’s why, at our Madison plant, we offer experiences instead of just selling plants. From the lush, carefully selected houseplants in our plant stores to the convenience of prompt flowers delivery in Madison, WI, we ensure that each interaction with us is as delightful as the flowers we offer.

Our services extend beyond traditional offerings to include wedding flowers online delivery, bringing the allure of fresh blooms directly to your venue with efficiency and grace. We believe in enhancing your life with beauty, which is why every stem, leaf, and petal we provide is a testament to our passion for flora.