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Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia Tirucalli)



Euphorbias cared indoors, need an absolute full sun during the day. They can not tolerate a low lighting. Eventually, they show dissatisfaction by elongating and leaning towards the light source. A lot of sunlight your plant takes every day, will not only keep it in a compact shape but also will help it produce a dark red tint on the tips of the stem. So that your Firestick Plant will look fabulous. Place your Pencil Cactus at the brightest location in the house. Check it sometimes, in order to make sure it gets at least a few hours of direct light. And that is it!


Pencil Cactus is a succulent plant with rare water needs. Give water to your plant occasionally. Remember that these species can tolerate a drought, but they will rot quickly if they are over-watered. In the summer and spring, you can water your Pencil Cactus weekly because it is in the active growing season. You can cut the irrigation back to a monthly basis during the cooler seasons. A good way of watering Pencil Cactus is, pouring a big amount of water to the soil. And then allow the excess water to drain. Once the roots and the stem capture all the water they can store, the plant does not need another irrigation for a long time.

Some people experience a rash when coming into contact with the sap, and great care should be taken to avoid accidentally rubbing the sap in one’s eyes or mouth. We do not recommend this plant for anyone who has children or animals.




  • White Ceramic Planter


We plant our plants with soil and decorative stones on the top.

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