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Monstera Minima



Rhaphidophora tetrasperma can be hard to come by, but lucky you, we know where to find them. This fast growing plant is often called “Monstera Minima” or “Ginny Philo” and is a highly sought after botanical prize. It’s fenestrated leaves bear a resemblance to Monstera Deliciosa as these leaves have a somewhat similar split to them, but unlike Monstera the leaves stay fairly small, making it an excellent long-term roommate. This plant is very easy to care for and has a climbing, vining habit so over time it will need a pole, trellis, or wall to support its growth. It prefers bright indirect light and consistent moisture, though take care not to over water.

Appreciates bright, indirect light. It is tolerant of medium – low light conditions, but prefers an east or west facing window.

Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Monstera prefer soil that is consistently moist with a dry out period between waterings. As epiphytes with aerial roots, they are sensitive to overwatering. Typically, you shouldn’t have to water your Monstera more than once every 7-10 days.

Medium humidity. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts. Monstera leaves are large and easily collect dust so appreciate being wiped down with a clean cloth several times per year. You can encourage more aerial root growth with occasional misting.