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Ficus Audry


They spot large green leaves that are oval in shape and have an irregular growth pattern. When compared to other members of its genus, the Ficus Audrey tree bears a similar resemblance to the Fiddle-leaf fig or ficus lyrata and could even be a suitable replacement for the Lyrata.

High Light. It will do best close to a south or west facing window, or directly in an east facing window. Take into consideration large light obstructions such as buildings and trees. This plant will not tolerate low light conditions.

Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees prefer moderately moist soil. A thorough watering when the top 2″ of soil are dry is ideal. This plant is sensitive to overwatering and susceptible to root rot. Under-watering and over-watering are difficult to differentiate. Contact our plant care consultant if you need assistance.

The Ficus Audrey is native to the deep, wild Asian forests of Pakistan and India, and it’s even nicknamed “the Banyan Tree” in some parts of India.

Watering should be done once a week during the summer or hot season while during the winter season, it is recommended you water the Audrey Ficus once in 3 weeks or once a month.

The Ficus Audrey doesn’t like frequent watering, so you should be careful so as not to overwater the plant’s roots. Overwatering the plant can leave the roots soggy and open to fungal attacks.

Aim for moist soil when it comes to watering. It should be kept moist at all times as this is best for the plant’s delicate roots.

Medium humidity. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts.

Approximate height 20-28″.

Available in 7′ and 10′ height.