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Ever since witnessing the late Lady Diana Spencer grace her wedding with that iconic, cascading wedding bouquet, you’ve dreamed of holding something equally exceptional on your special day. Her dreamy bouquet, an ethereal blend of whites, gardenias, orchids, freesias, and myrtle, epitomizes bridal elegance. While it was a royal bouquet, its allure isn’t confined to royalty alone. Every bride views her wedding day as the most beautiful and significant moment of her life, aspiring to make it spectacular, often with a willingness to invest substantially. However, our blog introduces a practical approach to realizing your floral dreams. We delve into how you can effectively reduce your wedding bouquet costs without compromising on the splendor and allure of your special day.

What Should Wedding Bouquets Cost?

According to some online research platforms, people spend from $700 to $2500 on wedding bouquets. The less starts from $100, which will go up to $2,500 and more than your demand. The most economical range for a bridal bouquet is between $100 and $350. Prices can fluctuate based on seasonality, flower choice, and design complexity. Exclusive bouquets may cost between $350 to $500. A more affordable option could be a simple bouquet around $150, potentially using a favorite flower surrounded by less expensive blooms and fillers​​​​.

Bridesmaid Bouquets Average Costs

The formal business rule is simple: bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are included in a similar package. So, it will also make pricing quite normal for people to purchase. Bridesmaid wedding bouquets cost less than bridal, as the average start of simple round bouquets of bridesmaids can buy from $45 to $150 each. It’s all about how rich you have made it or adding flowers.

Boutonniere & Corsage Costs

These small arrangements, typically for the groomsmen, are much more affordable, averaging around $15 to $25 each​. If you design it according to your taste, it will be expensive. Some companies include it in the bridal package, so the wedding bouquet costs become affordable naturally.

Seasonal and Locally-Sourced Flowers

All reputable and professional brands offer you to book or place your pre-orders almost 6 months or a year before or at least before the season. Seasonal or exclusive flowers would always be an expensive option. You can get each flower for $35 to $40 if you choose orchids. It will also count per stem, so your bouquet full of seasonal flowers will cost more than $1,000. Some platforms offer seasonal flowers, and wedding bouquets cost reasonably; you can find them from there as well.

What Type Of Wedding Bouquets Cost More Expensive

Common wedding bouquets include Posy, Round, Cascadia, Pomander, and Nosegay. The price is largely influenced by the choice of flowers, with some, like peonies, gardenias, hydrangeas, and orchids, being more expensive, ranging from $5 to $15 per stem.

Other factors affecting the cost include the number of stems, the complexity of the arrangement, and whether the flowers are in season. While specific pricing for each bouquet type isn’t readily available, understanding the cost of individual flowers and the complexity of each bouquet type can give a general idea of their relative costs.

More elaborate or larger bouquets, like Cascadia, which often feature a wider variety of flowers and a more intricate design, are typically more expensive than simpler ones like Posy or Nosegay​​.

Book Your Seasonal Wedding Bouquets from Red Square Flowers Today!

Don’t be afraid after reading about the expensive prices of bouquets; we provide average wedding bouquet costs. At Red Square Flowers, we bring elegance and charm to your special day. From lush cascades to charming posies, our bespoke bouquets are crafted to reflect your unique style. Don’t wait! Contact us today, and let’s create a floral masterpiece that captures the essence of your love story. Your perfect bouquet is just a consultation away at Red Square Flowers.


Q: What range of prices can I expect for wedding bouquets at Red Square Flowers?

A: Red Square Flowers offers a wide range of pricing for wedding bouquets to suit different budgets. The price varies depending on the choice of flowers, the design’s complexity, and the bouquet’s size.

Q: Can I customize my bouquet with specific flowers and designs?

Yes, Red Square Flowers specializes in customizing bouquets. Clients can choose specific flowers, colors, and designs to match their wedding theme and personal preferences.

Q: How far in advance should I order a wedding bouquet?

A: It’s recommended to place your wedding bouquet order at least 6 months in advance, especially if you are looking for seasonal or exclusive flowers.