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Indoor plants not only brighten up the atmosphere of a home or office, but they also have the ability to improve one’s mood and clean the air there. Houseplants and commercial plant displays, on the other hand, demand careful attention in order to thrive over an extended period of time.

It is possible to maintain the health and beauty of your indoor greens by employing professional plant maintenance services; however, the question is, at what cost? First, let’s investigate the factors that influence the professional plant maintenance cost.

Factors That Influence Professional Plant Maintenance Cost

Like any service, many variables affect what you’ll pay for professional plant maintenance. The major factors that influence cost include:

  • Location: Higher labor and transport costs in some cities and regions bump prices.
  • Frequency: More frequent service visits like weekly cost more than monthly.
  • Crew Size: More personnel needed to cover large commercial sites increases prices.
  • Plant Types: Finicky or fragile species require more specialized care.
  • Service Scope: Basic watering is cheaper than pruning, fertilizing, grooming etc.
  • Accessibility: Difficult access to plants can take more effort and tools.
  • Seasonality: Prices often increase in busy seasons like holidays.
  • Contracts: Locking in long-term contracts for regular service may provide discounts.

Knowing what goes into pricing helps set realistic expectations when budgeting for plant care services.

Typical Home Plant Maintenance Costs

For plants for residential settings like homes, apartment units and small offices, basic professional plant maintenance costs typically range from:

  • One-time only service: $50 – $100 per visit
  • Monthly maintenance: $50 – $150 per month
  • Bi-weekly maintenance: $100 – $250 per month
  • Weekly maintenance: $200 – $400 per month

Prices vary based on location, plant types and specific services provided. Holiday surcharges may apply. Factors like your location, number of plants and desired service frequency impact professional plant maintenance cost.

Commercial Plant Maintenance Cost Considerations

For larger business settings like office spaces, restaurants, malls and hotels, plant maintenance is more complex and pricier. Typical factors impacting commercial plant care include:

  • Much larger plant volumes require multiple technicians.
  • Plant types tend to be more exotic and labor-intensive.
  • Some displays feature automatic watering systems needing specialized maintenance.
  • Difficult access to wall or ceiling-mounted displays requires equipment.
  • Holiday or event decor services require additional lighting and floral.
  • More reliability is needed for consistent public-facing displays.

Given these factors, plant maintenance service contracts for commercial clients often start at over $100 per month for basics and run $200 – $600+ per month for full-service packages.

Optimize Your Professional Plant Care for Lasting Benefits

To make the most of what you spend on professional plant care, be sure to:

  • Select low-maintenance, resilient plants appropriate for the space. Choose hardy, non-fussy plants that suit your interior lighting and climate. This prevents issues down the road.
  • Group plants with similar needs together. Clustering plants with comparable water, sun and humidity preferences makes care simpler for you or plant services.
  • Keep plants accessible, not blocked by furniture or displays. Don’t tuck plants in corners or create obstacles. This allows for proper care and inspection.
  • Provide plant care instructions like lighting and watering needs. Inform plant care pros of each plant’s preferences so they can be tended properly.
  • Request occasional grooming and rotation to keep plants attractive. Plants can get leggy or sparse over time. Ask for periodic grooming, shaping and rotating positions.
  • Lock in discounted rates with monthly, quarterly or annual contracts. Long-term contracts for regular service provide cost savings over single visits.

Maintain Your Lovely Plants with Red Square Flowers

At Red Square Flowers, our plant maintenance experts provide top-quality, attentive service tailored to your unique needs and budget. We take excellent care of both hardy houseplants and delicate tropicals. Contact us for help flawlessly designing and caring for your ideal indoor greenspaces! Our maintenance plans help keep plants healthy and homes or businesses looking their best.


1. What does basic plant maintenance include?

Watering, fertilizing, cleaning leaves, inspecting for pests/disease, trimming away dead material.

2. How often do indoor plants need maintenance?

Most indoor plants thrive with monthly maintenance. Others, like orchids, need weekly or biweekly care.

3. Do companies offer plant maintenance training?

Yes, many providers offer private training for clients wishing to do some basic care themselves.

4. What are signs it’s time to get plant maintenance help?

Leaves browning or dropping, insects visible, soil drying out quickly, plants becoming leggy or sparse.

5. How are costs set for plant maintenance?

Based on location, plant types and numbers, service frequency and specifics, and experience level needed.