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Ambienta Lamp

The hydroponic technology inside the lamp is clean, water efficient and allows plants to improve the air quality in your space. The intuitive control panel lets you toggle between the two light settings: optional ambient light and grow light. The lamp is designed to support six plants. Plants are sold separately and are available below. Any room, any light settings will work since the lamp has it’s own LED grow light.

Customize your Ambienta Lamp

All our plants are hand-selected by in-house horticulturalists. Grown to ideal maturity at nurseries, the plants are pre-rooted in soil-less plugs for effortless transplanting and instant enjoyment.

Ambienta Lamp Features

1. central watering

2. upward ambient lights

3. downward grow lights

4. six plant reservoirs

5. hydroponic growth medium control panel

6. control panel