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Sansevieria Cylindrica



Although it can withstand very low light conditions, it prefers to grow in plenty of sun and bright light. In the dark, it won’t show too much growth. Placing it near a north-facing window or sheer curtained windows is a good idea. When growing outdoors, it’s best placed in a bright light with shade during the most intense sun in the day. This placement takes advantage of a long growing season and helps the plant survive hot periods.

The plant naturally grows in hot and dry areas so it will not appreciate cold temperatures. Anything below 50 °F (10 °C) can be too much for the plant to handle and will result in cold damage. It prefers room temperature and can tolerate mild fluctuations.

Due to its drought tolerant nature, it doesn’t require frequent watering. Watering once every week should be enough during the summer growing season. Make sure the soil is free draining and dries out before you water the next time as wet soil can lead to root rot. If the leaves turn yellow, or get mushy and soft at their base, you’ve overwatered your plant.

During winters, you should water once a month or whenever the soil dries out completely.

Humidity is not a big concern for these plants, but it doesn’t mean that you place in an extra humid environment. In fact it likes good aeration and dry air as long as things don’t get too drafty.


As shown – 5″ growers pot plant. Overall height ~ 14″





We plant our plants with soil and decorative stone on the top.

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