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Fiddle Leaf Fig Lyrata



The fiddle ­leaf fig tree, or ficus lyrata, is a species of plant within the fig genus native to the lowland tropical rainforests of Western Africa. It has a broad canopy with large, rigid leaves and prefers a high light space. When cared for properly, fiddle leafs grow quickly, and a small tree can double in size in as few as six months.The fiddle leaf fig bush stands between 2.5′ – 3.5′ tall. Native to the lowland tropical rainforests of western and central Africa, the fiddle leaf fig tree appreciates a warm, humid environment, a fair amount of water and plenty of light.

High Light. It will do best close to a south or west facing window, or directly in an east facing window. Take into consideration large light obstructions such as buildings and trees. This plant will not tolerate low light conditions.

Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees prefer moderately moist soil. A thorough watering when the top 2″ of soil are dry is ideal. This plant is sensitive to overwatering and susceptible to root rot. Under-watering and over-watering are difficult to differentiate. Contact our plant care consultant if you need assistance.

Medium humidity. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts.  This plant appreciates a gentle misting and regular dusting. The large leaves are dust collectors, so wipe monthly with a damp towel.