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Ficus Elastica Teneke


The Rubber Planter*, or Ficus Elastica, is a species of plant in the fig genus native to North Eastern India and surrounding regions. This plant was dubbed “the rubber plant” due to its sticky latex sap that was discovered to dry into a low quality rubber.

The Ficus Elastica enjoys moderate to bright indirect sunlight. Its deep purple and green leaves have a waxy coat that provides a beautiful glossy sheen. New growth often also exhibits shades of pink within the veins, making this a colorful, yet elegant statement plant. With proper lighting and watering habits the rubber plant will grow quickly, often doubling in size within a year.

Prefers bright indirect light, but is adaptable to medium light conditions.

Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Rubber plants prefer moderately moist soil. A thorough watering when the top 1″ – 2″ of the soil are dry is ideal. This plant is sensitive to overwatering and susceptible to root rot.

Medium humidity. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts.  This plant appreciates a gentle misting: the large leaves are dust collectors, and misting will help keep the leaves clean.

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