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Cacti Garden


Cactus Growing Instructions:

The best place for most cactus houseplants is a warm, bright spot. These sun-lovers do best when they get lots of direct light.

Wondering how much to water cacti? In general, you can water most types once every two or three weeks or so. If in doubt, it’s usually best to water too little; cacti can rot if they stay too moist.

Most cactus houseplants are slow growers and don’t really need much fertilizer. Just a couple of times per year will do. But if you want to fertilize your cactus regularly, do so in spring and summer with a general-purpose fertilizer formulated for use on houseplants. Follow the directions on the packaging.

Because they’re slow growers, you typically don’t have to worry about pruning cacti.

Note: Many cacti are prickly to the touch and are not intended for human or animal consumption.

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