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Originating from South Africa, the Hedgehog Aloe is a much sturdier cousin to the Aloe Vera. Unlike the Aloe Vera, these guys can take a bit of a bump or two without seriously damaging their spears. The Hedgehog Aloe’s spears are much more flexible and durable and tend to grow up as opposed to out. Studied by NASA, the Aloe plant is on their list of top air cleansing plants in interior spaced helping you to breathe fresh air on the job! Oh and if you find yourself suffering from dry skin in the winter or you burned yourself making coffee in the morning, you can use the gel found in the Aloe’s spears to help sooth the wound and aid in healing.

Tips: If you have dry skin during the winter or a sunburn after a sunny weekend, you can apply some of the internal gel found in the spears to help soothe any lingering irritation.

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We plant our plant with soil and decorative stones on the top.

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